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Epaper Desk: Get answers of your frequently asked questions about Epaper CMS Software. Epaperdesk is a list of commonly asked questions and answers.

Epaper Help Desk / Epaperdesk

Epaperdesk is a list of commonly asked questions and answers about Epaper CMS: Epaper Software.

You can create your Epaper website using our Epaper software : Epaper CMS Cloud. Just place an order and you will immediately receive Username/Password and Website URL in your Email ID.

Epaper CMS Cloud is an standalone application. However you can use Epaper CMS Cloud to run your Epaper website along with your existing Wordpress website. Suppose you have Wordpress based website on then you can run your Epaper website easily on 

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In order to create Digital Newspaper or eNewspaper, you need two things, first software to create PDF and second is software to publish Newspaper PDF online. There are many software available for creating newspaper PDF like : InDesign, Quark Express, MS Publisher etc. But to publish your Newspaper PDF you will have to use an Epaper Software. Epaper CMS Cloud is most advanced, affordable and easy to use epaper software available in market.

Epaper software free download is not available. Epaper CMS Cloud is a SaaS based service so you can always use it online by paying yearly subscription. There are no ways to free download epaper cms script.

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Epaper CMS Cloud is most advanced eNewspaper publishing software which enables you to create Epaper/eNewspaper website of your print Newspaper/Magazine with Area Mapping, Clip and Share and SEO features.

No you don't need to purchase any web hosting in order to run Epaper/eNewspaper website. Because our Epaper CMS solution is SaaS based. So it includes hosting too. All you need is a domain name. That's all.

Yes! You can run your epaper/enewspaper website on your custom domain or subdomain. All you need to do is add an "A Record" on your domain's DNS panel pointing towards our server's IP. You can get our server's IP from admin dashboard of Epaper CMS >> Change Domain.

For Epaper CMS Cloud: eNewspaper Software you need to pay yearly for running Epaper website.

Absolutely, with our advanced Area Map editor you can create Area Maps to cut different news of your newspaper. Epaper CMS Cloud also offers Clip and Share feature which enables your readers to clip and share news by themselves.

With our advanced Drag and Drop Web Page Designer, you can customize your enewspaper website's look and feel. But you need little knowledge about HTML/CSS. If you feel any difficulty please let us know. We are always ready to help you.

Yes, Video tutorials on Epaper CMS Cloud: eNewspaper website builder can be seen from the link below:


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