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Introducing Epaper CMS Cloud Beta

Posted By Administrator On 22 Jun 2019 17:01:09 Under New and Updates

We are glad to announce the public release of Epaper CMS Cloud Beta.

Epaper CMS Cloud is a hosted solution for creating Epaper websites. Earlier we were provinding PHP script which user could install on their server. But There were some issues like, not all users were able to get the latest updates, users have to manage their servers by themselves and for some users it was difficult to install the script and do maintenance. 

Since Epaper CMS Cloud is a hosted solution, you don't need to install the script and do technical stuff. We will handle those things. You only have to sign up and place order.

New Feature: Page Builder to customize website

Want to customize the design by yourself? We have added a page builder in Epaper CMS with which you can design your Epaper site by yourself. Since we have used latest Bootstrap 4 in Epaper CMS Cloud, you can use its classes in Page Builder.

New Feature: PDF to JPG

In the past many people asked for PDF to JPG converter in Epaper CMS. Therefore we added that feature. However it was not working on many servers because of different configurations. In Epaper CMS Cloud we are including PDF to JPG converter which will also let you customize the output and see preview before processing. It will be enabled by default.


This is a free beta release so you can use Epaper CMS for up to 90 days for free. There is a feedback button in admin panel. You can send your feedback and support requests from there too.

Get Epaper CMS Beta from here:

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