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FIX: Not able to access the /admin page

Posted By Ankur Gupta On 11 Aug 2017 04:08:10 Under New and Updates

Some of our clients faced a common issue while installing Epaper CMS that is they were not able to access the admin panel. It was showing 404 error. If you try to find any “admin” folder in the Epaper CMS then you won’t be able to find it because it is not there.

Cause of the issue:

Normally the Epaper CMS admin URL is like this

We use URL rewriting technique to hide the index.php and make the url like this


If you are not able to access the admin panel first check if you have .htaccess file (Given with Epaper CMS Zip) in the root directory or not. If it is missing then upload it on root directory.

If you have .htaccess file on the root but still not able to access the admin dashboard then your server may not have URL rewriting feature. But you can still use Epaper CMS. Just follow the following steps:

  1. Open protected/config/main.php
  2. Find a setting called showScriptName .
  3. Set it to true.

Now you will be able to access the admin dashboard from


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