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Epaper CMS 2.5 Released!

Posted By Ankur Gupta On 19 Aug 2015 12:15:10 Under New and Updates

Today we are glad to announce the release of Epaper CMS 2.5. This release is free for existing customers.

What’s New in 2.5?

1. Area Map Linking: Suppose you have first part of story on first page and second part on the last page. With Area Map Linking you can link the second part of story with first part. You only have to enter its Area Map ID.


2. Area Map Description text box is now bigger, so that you can easily enter the description.

3. Sidebars on the ENews Theme’s epaper display page.

4. Media Manager: This is  a new module. This will help you to upload files, so that you don’t have to use FTP. You can use Media Manager to upload Ad Images.


5. PDF Files for each page: Now you can upload PDF files for each page separately. They will also get included in sitemaps.

6. Bug fixes on User Authentication System

This is an important release. So we recommend to update your websites.

Update instructions are given in documentation which is included with the Epaper CMS.

Download Epaper CMS


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