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Conduct Exams Online – Quiz Pro – Online Examination System

Posted By Administrator On 31 May 2015 10:58:39 Under New and Updates

Online Examination System

The Quiz Pro Online Examination Software is a PHP based web application that enables us to conduct exams online. This online examination system helps you to conduct exams with multiple choice and fill in the blanks questions. It supports images too.

This Online Examination System is very useful for Schools, Colleges, Professional Training Organisations, Coaching Centres.
This software has been developed on Yii Framework 2 and requires Zend Guard Loader in PHP and MySql for database on your server.

This application can be used both in Internet and Local Intranet.

Answer sheet of Quiz Pro


The current release is a beta release which is free. You can download it from here:

Quiz Pro – Online Examination System (Free Beta Download)

Features of Beta Release

  • Mutliple choice questions
  • Fill In Blanks type questions
  • Upload images with questions
  • Minus Marking
  • Questions Flagging during exam
  • Questions in random order for each student
  • Grades and Ranking
  • Teachers and Admins with different rights
  • Answer Sheet in Email
  • Exams categorized in Standards and Subjects
  • Upload Custom institute logo


Software is not finished yet. So it may have bugs. So if you see any errors please let us know or post suggestions to improve this software.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can always contact us or you can post your comments here.



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