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PHP Quick Login adds Login System on your websites

Posted By Ankur Gupta On 05 Feb 2015 17:53:46 Under New and Updates

With “PHP Quick Login” you can add login system on your website without using database and only with only three lines of code.

require_once 'quicklogin/quicklogin.class.php';
$quicklogin = new QuickLogin();

Since this script does not uses the database, it stores username and passwords in a configuration file. Configuration file has following parameters

return array(
    //Username and Passwords
    "username" => "admin",
    "password" => "admin",
    //Login and logout urls
    "login_url" => "",
    "logout_url" => "",
    //Default redirect url
    "default_redir" => "",
    //Maximum failed login attempts
    "max_attempts" => 5,
    //Lock the login system for the following duration due to failed login login attempts
    "lock_duration" => 30,

To purchase this script click here: Quick Login System for PHP Projects

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